Sports and Games

By education, Mahatma Gandhi meant an all-round drawing out of the best in the child and man-body, mind and spirit. Only a person with healthy body and mind can acquire wisdom in entirety.
Since its inception, under the supervision and guidance of Department of Physical Education, NGCE has been giving immense importance to physical and cognitive recreation of students via sports and games. Physical education is a crucial component of the academics, hence our institution offers numerous facilities to improve and maintain physical health. The Physical Education Department has curated person-specific wellness programmes that enhance cognitive capacities and motor skills via athletics and exercises. The college has immaculate sports fields and courts for National and State specific sports and games.
Numerous students are given free accommodation, lodging, and tuition waiver at NGCE based on their sports quota. The Physical Education Department has a demonstrated history of winning top honours in sport events at the Anna University, National, and State levels.
It is a matter of pride that many athletes of our institution currently hold prestigious portfolios in the Army, Police, Income Tax, Railways sectors of our nation. In NGCE, students undergo rigorous training and gain exposure to competitions at the State and National levels organized by the State Department of Sports and Youth Welfare.
We are keen in creating a thriving, inclusive sports culture on our own, hence, every year, we host a variety of sporting activities, such as volleyball matches, football championships, cricket matches etc., inviting athletes from all over India for a remarkable experience.