Chairman Message

Our educational mission is built on the pillars of diligence, transparency, teamwork, and high accountability. This culture enables our students to observe and solve not just the peripheral challenges of today but also understand their professional obligations to society, to make a sustainable tomorrow. The Art of Learning is a science in itself. The process will remain shallow if learning solutions don't drive students to learn and apply their information in real-world situations. Any engineering school worth its salt aims to create champions in their field who have extensive knowledge on disruptive technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) etc.. and harness them to invent even more ideas for growth. Keeping this in mind, NGCE has established precise goals and devised a plan of action to achieve excellence in all areas of technical education, research, and innovation. We give equal importance to soft-skills and aptitude development of our students. As a team, we believe that good self-esteem leads to positive results, and positive results evoke ripples of more positive self-esteem. Our unique career guidance programmes focus on instilling confidence and strong communication skills that are indispensable for any job today. Visit our campus, interact with us to know more !