About the Department

Message from the HOD

Department of Management Studies at Narayanaguru College of Engineering functions with a team of highly qualified and experienced faculty committed to quality teaching in different areas of Management Studies. Challenged by World-Class competitors, numerous organizations are increasingly considering the management development process as a potential pathway to success. Many progressive firms across all industries have started looking at their business much more seriously and gearing up their resources to meet unbound opportunities that will be thrown open in the domestic and international markets. Keeping in mind the need of the world and the challenges of the corporate society and the requirements of the business, the Department prepares managers to operate in different cultural, functional, and organizational environments.

The department of management studies aims at generating capable managers to face the risks and challenges in the corporate world. In addition to the courses imparting education in management, the department is providing training in developing entrepreneurial skills to the students since India has reached the stage of development where more entrepreneurs are required to transform our traditional society into an entrepreneurial one. This department produces highly potential, globally competent and socially responsible persons, the corporate, industries and the society needs.


  • To prepare students to meet unbound opportunities that will thrown open in the domestic and international market.
  • To prepare students to meet world class competitions.
  • To bring the overall development in our students to achieve excellence in academic.


  • To provide Quality Management Education and Human Values.
  • To provide right atmosphere and opportunities for the students to build them more efficient, creative, talented and globally competent professionals.
  • To promote consultancy , research and development in Department of Management  studies  for the benefit of the society.


  • Imparting quality  Education  &  Training
  • Developing students with a Disciplined and Integrated personality
  • Facilitating faculty and supporting staff to update their knowledge and skills to match the industrial and technological developments

Academic Programs

Master’s Degree Programs

The Department of Management Studies of Narayanaguru College of Engineering offers a two-year (4 semesters) AICTE approved Master’s Degree Programme in MBA with the advanced curriculum designed by Anna University. The MBA programme of Anna University has been designed to bring the best out of the students as manager or entrepreneur and provides for learning and practice of modern managerial techniques and practices with emphasis on structure, strategy, technology and people. The programme has four semesters – duration spread over two years. The flexible curriculum provides scope for dual specialization among Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Systems and Operations Management. At the end of the first year, students are required to undergo summer training in reputed business houses for six weeks and submit a project report at the beginning of the third semester. The fourth semester consists of a final project work with duration of four months.

The MBA programme offered by this institution aims to create leaders and entrepreneurs to meet the needs of corporate world and to face the challenges of the global techno-business economy. The programme provides a rigorous framework of many courses, their concepts, principles, strategies, training modules, research reports, summer and final projects and networking with a number of entities and enterprises.

The learning process consists of class room instructions, several distinct stages of self- study, case studies, workshops, management games, role play, seminars, group discussions, debates and industrial visits. These stages are designed to add significant values to the students’ understanding of the subject and various management techniques. The Programme involves the study of the following courses.


  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Systems Management
  • Operations Management


PO1-Ability to apply the business acumen gained in practice.

PO2- Ability to understand and solve managerial issues.

PO3- Ability to communicate and negotiate effectively, to achieve organizational and individual goals.

PO4- Ability to upgrade their professional and managerial skills in their workplace.

PO5- Ability to explore and reflect about managerial challenges, develop informed managerial decisions in a dynamically unstable environment.

PO6- Ability to take up challenging assignments.

PO7- Ability to understand one’s own ability to set achievable targets and complete them.


MBA programme curriculum is designed to prepare the postgraduate students

POE 1- To have a thorough understanding of the core aspects of the business.

POE2- To provide the learners with the management tools to identify, analyze and create business opportunities as well as solve business problems.

POE3- To prepare them to have a holistic approach towards management functions.

POE4-To motivate them for continuous learning. V. To inspire and make them practice ethical standards in business.

Department Initiatives

Every year the department along with other departments of the college undertakes two major social initiatives for the betterment of students in and around Kanyakumari and Trivandrum districts. The department organises two programmes Tilted “Educational Counselling for School Students” and   “Career Counselling For Colleges Students”.  These programmes are the brainchild of the director Dr. G. Siddhardhan who wants to provide guidance to the young minds. The initiatives are organised by the Dr. C.P. Jesuthanam, Principal and is co-ordinated by Dr. A Robert Raja Singh, Vice Principal, who also heads the department of management studies.


The MBA students gainfully use the excellent computing and internet facilities created at enormous cost by the management of the college. There are 60 machines of 2GB RAM core 2 Duo, totally dedicated for MBA students. In the Lab Tally, SPSS are taught to the students. MBA students have been given adequate exposure to the use of internet facilities and the lab is broadband connected and wireless networked. These facilities will also be of great benefit to students at MBA level to undertake research work in the field of Information Technology and Management.


In tune with the modern trends a fully air-conditioned conference hall is provided. It is equipped with the latest audio video facilities, Over Head Projector, Epidiascope, Slide Projector, LCD Projector etc. There is a separate Seminar hall for conducting Seminars, Training Programmes and Quiz Programmes etc.


The college has a well-stacked automated central library consisting of books, journals, CDs and newspapers and e-library. Every student is a member of the library and can have free and open access to and can borrow all books, journals and newspapers. CDs can also be borrowed for home viewing.

There is a spacious and well-furnished Reading Room in the Library. The Reading Room provides the students with National and International Journals, Technical and Non Technical Magazines, Weeklies, Dailies and Newspaper. The students are free to make use of their leisure time by utilizing the precious materials available in the Library and Reading Room.

  • Number of Library books/Titles/Journals available (programme-wise)
  • Journals
  • List of online National/International Journals subscribed
  • E-Library facilities.

List of Journals of MBA Department

 Name of the Journal
 Advertising Express
 Applied Finance
 Branch Management
 Buisness and Economy
 Buisness Strategy
 Capital Market
 Case Folio
 Corporate and Securities Law
 Corporate Governance
 Derivatives Markets
 Effective Executive
 Enterprenuership Management
 Environmental Economics
 Financial Economics
 Hardware Buisness Review
 HRM Review
 International Buisness
 Knowledge Management
 Management Research
 Marketing Management
 Marketing Master Mind
 MBA Review
 Monitary Economics
 Operations Management
 Organisational Behaviour
 Portfolio Organiser
 Soft Skills
 Supply chain Management
 System Management
 The Analyst


SL.No BATCH Organization
  1  2010-20121.Hindusthan photo films Manufacuting  Ltd,Ooty

 2.Doddabetta Tea Factory, Ooty.

  2  2011-20131. The India Cements Ltd, Sankar Nager, Tirunelveli.

 2. Pankajakasturi Herbals India (P) Ltd.

   3  2012-20141.The India Cements Ltd, Sankar Nager, Tirunelveli.
2.DCW Chemicals.Thoothukudi
  4  2013-20151.The India Cements Ltd, Sankar Nager, Tirunelveli.

2.Pankajakasturi Herbals India (P) Ltd.



 2015-20171.Doddabetta Tea Factory,Ooty.
2.Nuclear power Plant Koodumkulam.
3.The India Cements Ltd, Sankar Nager, Tirunelveli.
4.Sterlite Copper, Thoothukudi.
  6  2016-20181.The India Cements Ltd, Sankar Nager, Tirunelveli
2.Pankajakasturi Herbals India (P) Ltd
3. Doddabetta Tea Factory, Ooty.
4.Sterlite Copper ,Thoothukudi.5.Tuticorin Port, Tuticorin.


 2017-20191.The India Cements Ltd, Sankar Nager, Tirunelveli.
2.The Hindu Newspaper Press, Trivandrum
3.Travancore Titanium Products Limited.


 2018-20201.Anna Aluminum, Cochin.

 2.The India Cements Ltd, Sankar Nager, Tirunelveli.

   9  2019-20211.The India Cements Ltd, Sankar Nager, Tirunelveli

 2.Muralya Dairy Products Pvt. Ltd., Kattakkada, Thiruvananthapuram.3.Doddabetta Tea Factory, Ooty.


BATCH 2018-2020

SL.No           Reg.NoName of the studentCompany Name
1961718631001Abisha VKeltron, Thiruvananthapuram
2961718631004Akhil Krishna R KKairali TV, Thiruvananthapuram
3961718631005Anand R SKeltron, Thiruvananthapuram
4961718631006Ancy RKeltron, Thiruvananthapuram
5961718631007Anisha Mole K JMilma Diary, Thiruvananthapuram
6961718631008Anjana sHLL Management Academy
7961718631009Anu GeorgeHANTEX,Thiruvananthapuram
8.961718631011Arjun HKeltron, Thiruvananthapuram
9961718631013Aswathy SHANTEX,Thiruvananthapuram
10961718631014Athira P RZafin Software Centre of Excellence.
11961718631015Athul MaheshS.K Hospital ,Thiruvananthapuram
12961718631016Ayana S PZafin Software Centre of Excellence
13961718631017Chrysolite Pheby S.NMilma Diary, Thiruvananthapuram
14961718631018Darsana V SAirport Authority of India
15961718631019Dhibin Raj D SHANTEX,Thiruvananthapuram
16961718631020Dilip Singh RHANTEX,Thiruvananthapuram
17961718631021Geethu V SHANTEX,Thiruvananthapuram
18961718631022Jayadeep J VKairali TV, Thiruvananthapuram
19961718631023Jeethu JNIMS medicity,Neyyattinkara
20961718631024Jino JohnKeltron, Thiruvananthapuram
21961718631025Jithin JoyS.K Hospital ,Thiruvananthapuram
22961718631026Karthika M.PAirport Authority of India
23961718631027Pooja BHANTEX,Thiruvananthapuram
24961718631028Pratheesh NS.K Hospital
25961718631029Preethu Pradeep RAirport Authority of India
26961718631030Rajeshwari RS.K Hospital ,Thiruvananthapuram
27961718631031Ramya MSaraswathi Hospital
28961718631033Robin Singh JKTDC.
29961718631034Roy KurianKeltron
30961718631035Sabnam Simran Khan SS.K Hospital ,Thiruvananthapuram
31961718631036Sachin SathyanKTDC.
32961718631037Sharumathy R CSaraswathy Hospital,Parassala.
33961718631038Siva Bala AbineshA.K Infopark Pvt.Ltd
34961718631039Sreejith ASiemens Technology,Banglore
35961718631040Sreelekshmi S.RHANTEX,Thiruvananthapuram
36961718631041Sujin S.PKTDC.
37961718631042Suvetha SNIMS medicity,Neyyattinkara
38961718631045Vishnu V.K KTDC.

BATCH 2017-2019

Roll NoRegister NoStudent Name  Company Name
1961717631001AbhijithKerala Automobiles Ltd.
2961717631002Abhirami B.MKerala SIDCO
3961717631003Abhiramy sureshKairali TV Trivandrum
4961717631004Abisherlin D.PPaul Raj & Company, Trivandrum
5961717631005Ahalya S.VKerala Automobiles Ltd.
6961717631006Akhil krishnanMilma Trivandrum.
7961717631007Albin nantha ASaraswathy Hospital
8961717631008Anish.BKerala Automobiles Ltd.
9961717631009Anu SKerala SIDCO
10961717631010Anumol. J.PKerala Automobiles Ltd
11961717631011Archana. G. SKalliyoor Handloom Weavers
12961717631012Arshita BMilma Trivandrum
13961717631013Arya L.SSaraswathy Hospital
14961717631014Arya lekshmi L.MMilma Trivandrum
15961717631015Arya sankar M.SBig Bazaar,Trivandrum
16961717631016Arya surendran SUnited India Insurance
17961717631017Ayana S babuKairali TV Trivandrum
18961717631018Baibusha BMilma Trivandrum
19961717631019Dhinu krishna SPaul Raj & Company, Trivandrum
20961717631020Divya SKerala Automobiles Ltd.
21961717631021Ebi KKerala Automobiles Ltd.
22961717631023Haritha S.RNew Ambadi estate pvt.Ltd.Kulesekaram.
23961717631024Herita RUnited India Insurance
24961717631025JaimohanKerala Automobiles Ltd.
25961717631026Jerbin S.MV.S.N Hardwares
26961717631027Keerthi S.MMilma Trivandrum
27961717631028Lekshmi priya G.ASaraswathy Hospital
28961717631029Mahesh kumar RPaul Raj & Company, Trivandrum
29961717631030Maneesha M SKerala Automobiles Ltd.
30961717631032Nithin G.BMilma Trivandrum
31961717631033Prabesh PPaul Raj & Company, Trivandrum
32961717631034Priya LMilma Trivandrum
33961717631035Rahi lekshmi P.RUnited India Insurance
34961717631036Ramdev RKerala SIDCO
35961717631037Roy R.GHANTEX
36961717631038Saranya MHANTEX
37961717631039Shanu rajanHANTEX
38961717631040Sinduja S.KHANTEX
39961717631041Sreelekshmi N.RBig Bazaar,Trivandrum
40961717631042Sree vidhya GNew Ambadi estate pvt.Ltd.Kulesekaram.
41961717631043Stepin SPaul Raj & Company, Trivandrum
42961717631044Subin TEast man system,Banglore.
43961717631045Varsha R.CSaraswathy Hospital
44961717631046Veena S.SUnited India Insurence
45961717631047Veena sukumaranMilma Trivandrum
46961717631048Vignesh kumarSPaul Raj & Company, Trivandrum
47961717631049Vijina C.UJ.J Water and power Solution
48961717631050Vishnu prasath M.VKerala SIDCO
49961717631051Winman D.GV.S.N Hardwares